In front of the beach and in the heart of Marina d’Or Holiday Resort, is the Best Scientific Seawater Spa in Europe.
We benefit from the properties of seawater as a source of beauty, health and welfare, in their recreational areas, outdoor and VIP.
Fun Zone
The recreational area is the great protagonist of saltwater spa Spa Marina d’Or. Talasotermal recommend this route:

* Large central pool with twin jets, neck jets, swan neck, waterfalls (20′-30 ‘).
* Jacuzzis and Hot-tubes (10 ‘).
* Dead Sea swimming or floating (10’-15 ‘).
* Tour of sand and pebbles
* Grapefruit Baths(10 ‘)
* Ice booth (3 ‘max)
* Roman baths: caldarium (10 ‘)
* Therapeutic hanging Jacuzzis (10 ‘)
* Infrared rest area
* Cafeteria acualia
* Saunas (5’-10 ‘)
* Circular Showers
* Scottish Showers
* Turkish baths and great Hamman (5’-15 ‘)
* Rain room spray (5 ‘)

Outdoor Area
The outdoor area is open in season that you can enjoy under such enormous outdoor facilities. Relax with:

* Foreign central pool with jets, swan neck, cervical jets, etc.
* Iindividual areas, with jets, air bubbles etc.
* Tours counter
* Solarium Natural (Heliotherapy)
* Stand Bar