The gorge Valltorta embedded twists between the ends of Albocácer, Les Coves de Vinromá and Trig. It’s an austere landscape dominated by limestone and vegetation adapted to relatively dry conditions. For the people of final Palaeolithic and neolothic periods, the Valltorta was a great place to hunt. In arbrigos of its walls is an impressive array of paintings called Levantine art of which have been declared World Heritage Site. In the museum Valltorta, you can easily understand this cultural heritage.

We can also visit the Museum Esperanza Mine, located in Embesora Tower, the headquarters of the museum is the same mineral deposit, which, preserving the original appearance as possible of the mine has been packaged for public use, so inside we visit several natural galleries converted into exhibition spaces. In this new museum, which has food and homemade desserts typical of the area.