Terra Mitica is a theme park located in the town of Benidorm, Costa Blanca, where you can spend an exciting day of fun.
Discover all that is hidden on the Mediterranean, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia and The Islands, thousands of years of history converted into many moments of fun, excitement and adrenaline.

Have you seen the face of your children when you go to an attraction to them and share those feelings with you? Priceless, right? Hear their laughter and forget everything else. The fun is not about age but wait.

Do you know what adrenalineis ? Of course. The important thing here is that you know you have so many attractions that you’ll be left breathless, so take a breath.

Turn upside down at 100 miles per hour is one of the proposals for a park thematized emotions with close cultural ideas. Tizona shoots adrenaline in 35 seconds plummeting, 360-degree loops and corkscrew turns, and Magnus Colossus is the longest wooden coaster in Europe. The main attractions additionally with replicas of their size.

More than 80 daily shows, and the new Imagine, are shown outdoors or in spaces equipped to accommodate theatrical tricks. The audience is the protagonist of a territory in which five Mediterranean civilizations coexist blessed with a unique climate and thousands of stories, myths and legends to tell.
Souvenir shops are full of memories so you do not miss anything when perpetuate your visit.