If we speak of Sagunto not only can we say that is one of the densest populations of Spain’s history, but is also a first-order Monumental, where the architectural and artistic expressions reflect their importance throughout the ages and artistic styles . Settlements are known from the Bronze Age and later became an established amount Iberian population fertile with commercial relations with Phoenicians and Greeks. In Sagunto “Imperial City” can visit the Roman theater, the Forums, the castle, the door of Almenara, the cells …

More than 2500 years ago, this territory was called ass and was occupied by the Iberian civilization. It was a town of great economic power that came to coin money and to organize themselves as a modern city. After a period of peace, had to fight against the Carthaginians (218-212 BC), led by Hannibal, whose destruction only survived the Temple of Diana. After the Second Punic War, Rome means to bring the city to the Iberian people. The transformation of Hispanic Roman Iberian town was gradual and is evident in the double mints, as in the change of name will Saguntum Arse.