Natural Park of the Ebro Delta is located in the Ebro river mouth, in the province of Tarragona, near the towns of Sant Jaume d’Deltebre and Enveja.

The river Ebro, the largest river in the Iberian Peninsula, is primarily responsible for this environment, providing the material ripped from his head to be deposited here, in conjunction with the Mediterranean. The sediments are therefore material from the Pyrenees, the Iberian and Cantabrian Mountains, birthplace of the river and its tributaries. The amount of sedimentary materials have created an area of 320 square km, which have formed a multitude of habitats. The current form of the Delta is a sort of “arrow” perfectly drawn that penetrates about 22 km at sea. Creating the second largest delta in the Mediterranean only surpassed by the Nile.

The Ebro Delta is the largest wetland in Catalonia and one of the largest in Western Europe.