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The Castellón coast goes to the Grao de Castellón, where we can find a marina with over 100 sporting and recreational boats and the Club Nautico, surrounded by a commercial port that soon will house the best fleets around the world which will have its scale in Castellón. We see also integral leisure complex Puerto […]

Terra Mitica is a theme park located in the town of Benidorm, Costa Blanca, where you can spend an exciting day of fun. Discover all that is hidden on the Mediterranean, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia and The Islands, thousands of years of history converted into many moments of fun, excitement and adrenaline. Have you seen […]

If we speak of Sagunto not only can we say that is one of the densest populations of Spain’s history, but is also a first-order Monumental, where the architectural and artistic expressions reflect their importance throughout the ages and artistic styles . Settlements are known from the Bronze Age and later became an established amount […]

Natural Park of the Ebro Delta is located in the Ebro river mouth, in the province of Tarragona, near the towns of Sant Jaume d’Deltebre and Enveja. The river Ebro, the largest river in the Iberian Peninsula, is primarily responsible for this environment, providing the material ripped from his head to be deposited here, in […]

First, there is the museum Almirez, unique in its specific subject which is situated in the center of the town of Les Caves of Vinromá. This museum attempts to illustrate those aspects of the use daily mortar, industrial, pharmacy, culinary or decorative toys or objects. The typical dress of our people is manifested in all […]

The gorge Valltorta embedded twists between the ends of Albocácer, Les Coves de Vinromá and Trig. It’s an austere landscape dominated by limestone and vegetation adapted to relatively dry conditions. For the people of final Palaeolithic and neolothic periods, the Valltorta was a great place to hunt. In arbrigos of its walls is an impressive […]

Upon arrival at Onda, we realize that the old town in 1967 declared a Historic-Artistic is one of the first parts that calls us to the visit. It consists of numerous streets and squares, which still retain their medieval character. It is worth noting the numerous altarpieces ceramic (XVIII-XX) existing in the travel and who […]

In front of the beach and in the heart of Marina d’Or Holiday Resort, is the Best Scientific Seawater Spa in Europe. We benefit from the properties of seawater as a source of beauty, health and welfare, in their recreational areas, outdoor and VIP. Fun Zone The recreational area is the great protagonist of saltwater […]

Segorbe, an ideal place to get away from family, friends or groups. City where you can discover medieval times walking the streets and buildings, also known as ancient traditions is the entry of Bulls and Horses, Fiesta of International Tourist Interest and varied cuisines. It’s worth a tour through the old city of Segorbe, which […]

Peniscola, consists of a walled village deep in the sea, making it almost an island of incredible beauty. At the top of the castle rock stands as an impregnable fortress watchtower and surrounded by a set of walls built at different times, to protect the ancient city. The medieval fortifications with stone walls all paths […]