First, there is the museum Almirez, unique in its specific subject which is situated in the center of the town of Les Caves of Vinromá. This museum attempts to illustrate those aspects of the use daily mortar, industrial, pharmacy, culinary or decorative toys or objects. The typical dress of our people is manifested in all its splendor found in every room, dressed in the period, such as quality demonstration of the different social classes or ways of life.

Then we can extend our visit to San Mateo, whose origin predates the conquest of it by Jaime I. Visitors will be received by the prominent presence of moles of the church archpriest stone and bell tower. Under its vaults, Clement VIII, successor of Pope Luna, resigned in 1429 to the papal throne, ending the Western Schism.

The town, home of the Masters of the Order of Montesa, transported to the visitor, with its monuments and urban fabric, with earlier times, highlighting the 260 meters of canvas walls.

The main square, with the source of the Angel and balconies of wrought iron, we moved the echoes of the voices of merchants and traders that its trading portals in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, among other products, the huge wool sheep of the area and exported to Florence, favored the medieval splendor and power of Sant Mateu.